It’s 2017 … time to RIDE

15036574_10101709691676348_59823945012083589_nI’m thrilled to represent the RIDE Tri Team presented by Wattie Ink for this year’s triathlon season. After a great race in North Carolina, I applied for the Elite Team and am excited for this new opportunity.
So what is RIDE? Based in the San Diego area, RIDE Cyclery is the title sponsor of the team, a bike shop with several locations. Priding themselves on service, I’ve already put them to the test and every interaction I’ve had has been awesome. I made a big decision to upgrade my bike this year (!) and every person (Elise, Brent, Cody) has been great in helping me get the bike of my dreams. Blaize, who was the head of their service department, got my new ride all set up and sent out to me. He is on his way to a new gig with SRAM and I wish him well!
The team is holding a team camp in February and I’m looking forward to visiting the shop in person.
Yes, I got a new bike! Of course it is a Felt IA. I am happy to add another Felt to my bike family. I started endurance racing on a Felt B2 Time Trial bike; and I still love Lola, my DA Time Trial bike, and my FC road bike build. The IA was the natural progression. There’s a reason the top 2 women at Kona ride Felt. The bike fits like a dream. I’m also making the leap to electronic shifting so that should be a fun, too.
Beyond RIDE and Felt, the team has the support of a great collection of brands. As the season rolls on, I’ll be sharing more about my favorite products in the ‘My
Gear’ section. But, here’s a short list to start:
Wattie Ink: triathlon apparel chockfull of attitude (Rock the W! I can’t wait to get my kit!)
Zipp Speed Weaponry: wheels to go super fast (my new bike has new 404s carbon clinchers)
Blue Seventy: all for the swim (I love their goggles … not to mention they have some great employees.)
Speedfil: my hydration system of choice
GQ-6: endurance nutrition products
Bio Astin: supplements for health and energy
Pjur Active: my new answer to blisters and chafing
Zealios: swim-specific body care and sunscreen
Pioneer: power, power, power
SRAM: incredible bike components
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