back on track

[Tap, tap, tap …] Is this thing on?

Hi! I’ve taken a ver lengthy blog sabbatical. Two immediate reasons come to mind.

  1. I’ve been injured.
    Annoyingly so. In APRIL of 2014, I stress fractured my left foot’s navicular bone. If


    I lived as a pirate for 16 weeks.

    you’d like more info on the significance of this particular injury, I encourage you to read athlete super couple Jess Thomas’ and Lauren Fleshman’s experience HERE and HERE.Almost two years later, I’m able to resume run training with some normalcy. I’m incredibly grateful. When it comes to training, I life to write about the good stuff—the breakthroughs, the comical mishaps, the race reports. Truthfully, I’ve suffered a lot of setbacks, disappointment, and heartache—which frankly didn’t inspire me to write all that much.

  2. My job involves a lot of writing.
    I love writing! I always have, but when its your job, sometimes you want a little rest from it. I got that whole worn shoes for shoemakers thing going on.But for better or for worse, training is going enough for me to feel inspired to pick up where I trailed off. That, or I just finished reading Mindy Kaling’s book, “Why Not Me” on a cross-country flight and it was the kick in the ass I needed. And, I needed to kill another hour and I’ve already watched two inflight movies.

    Just recently I signed up for what will, with lots of hard work, be my fourth Ironman. This time, I’m going to go FAST—tackling the flat course of Ironman Beach to Battleship in North Carolina on October 22. Wish me luck! I’m going to need all I can get.


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