2XU and me

The bike and triathlon season is now in full swing and I have been a busy girl!

Here is a short list of highlights since my last post:

  • New triathlon sponsorship with 2XU
  • Triathlon training camp in Tucson, AZ
  • Wildflower Long Course Triathlon
  • Mutual of Enumclaw Stage Race
  • New job
  • New bikes
  • Training weekend in Boise, ID during the Exergy Tour

See? A lot going on. All of these highlights truly deserve their own post, so I’ll do my best to make good on that. Blogging is a challenge when you don’t have Internet access at your home, which I am also working on remedying.

But let’s talk about 2XU!! It’s no secret that I’ve been a fan of their products since I started training for my first Ironman in 2010. My admiration began with a pair of endurance-distance triathlon shorts. For long course racing, it’s the only short I trust to keep me comfortable in the saddle for 50+ miles. What’s more? They are really easy to run in.

Next, I bought a second-hand 2XU wetsuit from my friend Jessica. It felt great, fit well, and I swam well.

Old wetsuit. So good to me, but the new one is better!

You could say I was brand loyal after I finished Ironman CDA in 2010. So when they sent out a call for submissions to join their ambassador team on Facebook, I jumped. I created my first race resumé and sent it in. Excitedly, I was selected for their Endurance Team, a group from all over the country of up-and-coming age groupers and newly-minted pros. They consider me up-and-coming! It was such great validation and a definite confidence boost.

Since my selection, I have been fortunate to try out a host of other products and have found a lot of new favorites. I now have their new Project X wetsuit (my old wetsuit had seen one too many mass starts and I had dropped a few too many pounds needed for a snug fit.) That thing is stealth and I look cool (not crazy-over-the-top like some of the other high-end wetsuits), but most importantly, I am swimming faster. We have a lot of really talented triathletes in the Pacific Northwest that are truly world-class, but I pride myself on being able to out swim them—even if they can run circles around me. Really happy with that suit!

Another item is my 2XU cycling gloves. That may seem like a strange pick, but they are awesome. They feel a little awkward when you first put them on, but are so perfect when you wrap your hands around the handlebars or bullhorns. They were obviously designed around how they fit while riding, and sometimes, it’s the little things that make the difference.

I also upgraded my tri kit to the endurance compression top and shorts. I have a really long torso, which makes a one-piece challenging, but the top and shorts feel great. All my muscles feel so supported and the fabric feels so soft. I don’t think about that while racing, but the less I’m thinking about my clothes, the better. They just do their job. I also have a history of overheating, so I appreciate their ice fabric that still allows me to wear all black in 85 degrees if I want.

About half way done with the Wildflower run in my compression kit, sleeves, and don’t forget the white ‘can’t see all the crusted sweat salt’ visor!!

In my compression kit and sleeves on the bike at Wildflower

I saved my favorite for last: elite compression race socks in pink!! I actually love all my compression/recovery gear from 2XU, and often wear it under my street clothes while traveling or even at work, but the pink socks make me smile and I even wear them over my leggings to races. The socks feel feel so substantial, but I never overheat. I love the support they give my calves and the fun they add to my run. They have become a signature piece for me as my friends say they’ve seen me all over Seattle running in those socks. I get so many compliments on them. Style and function? Win, win. If I could wear them in a tri swim, I’d race in them, but for race day, I’m all stealth in my black 2XU calf guards. Maybe 2XU will make those in pink too someday!

Thank you to the 2XU team and your support so far. I can’t wait to get my official team kit and wear it as I chase my dream of making it to Las Vegas for the Ironman 70.3 World Championship! They also have great customer service for their online shopping, so check it out and find a few favorites of your own!

Having fun training in Boise in my cycling gloves and compression sleeves.

Looking good as I head out for a hammer session in Boise.

Running in Boise in my 2XU compression knickers, tank and visor. Can’t wait for race day!

Next up? Ironman 70.3 Boise. My season’s A race!

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