WAC Salmon Swim

Every April, the aquatics staff at the WAC orchestrate the annual Salmon Swim. They transform our beautiful pool area into a kindergarten classroom, complete with laminated waves and seaweed made out of construction paper. Each picture window represents 5 miles, and the mile markers go all the way up to 50. It’s awesome.

Every swimmer at the pool is represented on the window wall by a pink salmon (water aerobics participants have been assigned orange crabs.) The goal is to get your salmon to travel as far as you can in the month of April. I’m not even sure what the prize is if you win, but I think it might actually be a salmon. Either a smoked one, or a salmon dinner at the restaurant, or maybe just a big hunk of salmon to grill up at home. I hope none of the participants are vegan. They may be very disappointed.

In the past, my salmon, pictured below, has done just fine. Never the winner, but it makes a solid showing.

My fish, swimming against the current most days.

This year, my salmon is gunning for the win. Because I can’t run and have been aqua jogging 3-4 days a week, I have been adding those yards to my  swim volumes, which are pretty big on their own, 3 days a week. I add the yards at face value. I get about 1600-1800 yards done in an average aqua jog session.

So, this is the one benefit of a foot fracture. Below is a snapshot of the ‘race’ mid-month:

Fish in a Breakaway!

Heck yeah. Good thing I love salmon … mmmm, yummy.  My favorite part is when another swimmer logs in their yardage with the lifeguard and asks incredulously, ‘who could have possibly swam that far already?’ I can’t help but smile and say, ‘me!!’

I do leave out the fact that my fish is actually lagging behind—I’ve actually logged over 13 miles and should be in the middle of the 3rd window. But it may be a blessing in disguise; my fish still fits in a photo!

Go, Salmon, go!

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4 Responses to WAC Salmon Swim

  1. Jenny says:

    Your fish seems likely to win the race, this is a very funny picture!

    • carlsincharge says:

      I was happy with how well the picture came out, despite being shot with my camera phone. The far left window really does look like a school of fish!

      • Yes!

        Thanks for bike/hills comment. Cycling is a TORMENT for me, I am so nervous about traffic – but I know you are quite right. Following 2 long rides will be done with bolder and faster friend in NJ (9W, fairly hilly bits), and I’m doing a half in May that’s on a very hilly course too – will make sure I have at least 2 other long hilly ones also….

      • carlsincharge says:

        Good to hear. The hills are definitely challenging since there are so many of them, but none of them are very long. I hope you fall in love with cycling. It is my favorite part!

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