Later Gator

One of the challenges of racing an early season Ironman when you live in Seattle is finding a tune-up race in the proper time window before race day. Anything local will be too late because it is simply too cold and rainy to run a local race in April/May.

So, it’s a blessing in disguise that I never got around to committing to a race, seeing as how I wouldn’t have been able to compete due to my broken foot. However, I’d love to share with you one of the contenders.

Introducing the Half-Iron Distance in Charleston, SC called Try Charleston.

The race is Saturday, April 30 and the tagline is “Swim, Bike, and Run Your Way Through The Lowcountry.”

None of this is why I’m bringing it to your attention.

This is why I’m bringing it to your attention. This screenshot is taken from the race’s FAQ page. Click on the image to make it readable.


That’s right! There are ALLIGATORS in the water!

I’m sure that if I had actually done this race, it would be my fastest swim split ever. I also love the fact that the name of the company is ‘Gator Getters, LLC.’

Here is a picture from the Gator Getters website.

Hell no. I told Kevin that the only way I’d do this race is if he went swimming in the water the day before.

Maybe I’ll do the race next year? Probably not, but I dare someone else to TRI IT!

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2 Responses to Later Gator

  1. Cathleen K says:

    Not to worry, Carly. Ironman CdA has been my first race of the year for the past 3 years. You’ll be fine, especially with all the bike racing under your belt and IM experience. But please mark your calendar for 3/31/2012 – Oceanside 70.3! It’s fun and it’d be great to have you there. 🙂 I’m about 90% in, unless I start to hate triathlon between now and June.

    • carlsincharge says:

      What?! You don’t want to go swim with alligators with me in Charleston next year? How could you pass that up?! Maybe you can give me some pointers before June so I don’t end up with another 7-minute T1!

      In all seriousness, Oceanside sounds great. I probably would have done it this year had I signed up in time. Oh, and not broken my foot!
      4 sleeps until Boston!

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