Chasing Legends

I was extremely disappointed this weekend when I showed up to the first race of the season, only to have it canceled due to snow.

Why? Well, I spent some time getting inspired by watching the documentary Chasing Legends. It is an amazing film about the Columbia Highroad team’s journey during the Tour de France in … 2009? (Whatever year Lance made his return.)

Not only did I watch it all the way through, I then watched all the bonus features. And then, after the time trial was canceled and I had to go do an indoor trainer session … I watched it again. And? I want to see it another time. Click on the DVD cover to go see the trailer for yourself.

10 Reasons Why I LOVE this movie.

10. Lots of George Hincapie, one of the only names in pro cycling I knew when I started riding a bike. He is a legend in his own right for being selfless for the team. Leading Cav out with a broken collarbone? I dig it.

9. Interview with the oldest person to have finished the Tour de France and hearing his stories about escaping from the Nazis 3 times. Badass.

8. I’ve never been jealous of a boy’s eyelashes before. Holy moly, Cavendish, do have to curl those things so they don’t hit your glasses? Inquiring minds want to know!

7. The final sprint on the Champs-Élysées is ridiculous. How Columbia HTC manages to make it around Garmin at the corner? (and everyone stays upright!) I may never know.

6. Interviews in fun accents.

5. Jens Voigt’s comments about taking chances. He is so matter-of-fact about it.

4. Getting to hear the race radio conversations. Priceless.

3. Beautiful, beautiful bicycles. Beautiful, beautiful French scenery.

2. The crazy fan that reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite.

1. The race director guys in the team car. HYSTERICAL.

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