Let’s Get This Party Started!

Saturday,  I had the privilege of attending Team Group Health’s cat 4 race simulation clinic at Pacific Raceways. I had never been there, so I was excited to ride the course, practice tactics and reconnect with racing friends I hadn’t seen over the offseason. I carpooled with new teammate Lori and met fellow teammates Melissa, Janelle, Cathy and Jess. (Jess and Cathy were there to help out.) I got to practice sprinting, an obvious weak spot in my riding, and I’m starting to feel good about the race season ahead.

After the clinic, I was convinced by Jess, Cathy and Lindsey Felker (from HB) that it would be a good idea to get some more miles by riding home. OMG. It was into the fierce headwind the entire way. Lindsey had her PT and said she was putting out 250 watts and we were going 9 mph. I called it quits at Georgetown and had Kevin pick me up. I had already done 50+ miles over 3 hours.

Although the day left me completely shelled, I’m looking forward to next weekend to see how well I can do! Let’s get this season started! I’m getting my warmup playlist ready.

Hanging out at Pacific Raceways

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